Pokemon go

Lunatone, Oddish And Solrock Shiny Arrive In Pokemon Go!

The Pokemon GO Spring Equinox event brought three new Shiny Pokemon: Solrock, Lunatone, and Oddish. Soon to be available in a Chromatic version. The new spring event (currently in progress…

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Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden

Mutant Year Zero: Road To Eden Announced For Nintendo Switch

Released last December on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Mutant Year Zero Road to Eden will also arrive on Nintendo Switch. As announced by publisher Funcom during GDC 2019….

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Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus Has Sold Well on Epic Games Store, a Great Success for Free Games

During the GDC, Epic Games briefly talked about the excellent results obtained by Epic Games Store in the first months of life, citing in particular Metro Exodus among the titles…

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God Of War

God of War Awarded as Game of the Year at the Gdc 2019

God of War is the winner of the Game of the Year award at the Game Developer Choice Awards 2019, an event organized during the GDC 2019 in San Francisco….

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Apex Legends

Apex Legends: Incoming Missions, Complaints About the Progression of the Battle Pass

The Season 1 of Apex Legends presents no challenges/missions or changes to the map. Two shortcomings that have angered not just the community. However, Respawn has promised that this content…

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sea of thieves

Sea of ​​Thieves Anniversary: ​​Rare Celebrates with a Rich Update!

Appreciated by the House of Redmond, Sea of ​​Thieves is preparing to celebrate its new anniversary in style. To present all the news, Rare has published a dedicated Trailer. As…

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Gearbox: New Teasers from Borderlands Authors for Pax East

It seems that Gear Box is anxiously awaiting the start of the 2019 edition of PAX East: over the last few days, in fact. Software House has shared numerous Teasers…

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The Sinking City

The Sinking City: Game Inspired by the Stories of Lovecraft Will Be Exclusive Epic Store on Pc

During today’s day, Wednesday, March 20. The Epic Store shared with the public a long list of Games that, in their PC version, will be distributed exclusively by them. Among…

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The WalkingDead

Launch Trailer For The Epilogue Of The Walking Dead: Final Season

Now seven years from the beginning of the series created by the now-defunct Telltale Games, a software house that had to close its doors in 2018 due to bankruptcy, The…

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Xbox live

Xbox Live Features Come To Nintendo Switch Along With Cuphead

Eventually it will really happen: after weeks of intense rumors and rumors about a collaboration between Microsoft and Nintendo, Xbox Live will officially come to Nintendo Switch. Or rather, some…

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