Control: Video Tour of the Remedy Studios with the Splendid Courtney Hope

Remedy Entertainment

Courtney Hope, the beautiful American actress who plays the role of Jesse Faden in the thrilling dimension of Control, invites us to follow her in a video tour of the Finnish studios of Remedy Entertainment.

In this nice promotional film linked to the new action imbued with paranormal elements of Sam Lake, the American actress goes down in the part of Jesse to give us a way to guess the nuances of the character of his character.

The Jesse Faden fair is, in fact, the new director of a secret News York agency run by the US government to stem the threat posed by a mysterious multidimensional force capable of manipulating the space-time fabric. Thanks also to its resourcefulness and racy character, the young protagonist of Control will have to establish contact with these entities and take away their powers in the hope, in so doing, to avoid the catastrophe.

Although the video in question does not show unpublished game scenes, thanks to the rich multimedia material published in these months by Remedy we already know that the title will continue to remain in the groove tracked by Quantum Break and Alan Wake, with all the consequences that you can easily imagine in narrative and purely ludic terms. So let’s wait for the usual dose of twists and turns by intense combat sessions based on the joint use of original skills and “classic” weapons.

At this point, there is nothing left to do but wait impatiently for the announcement of Control’s official launch date, scheduled on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in an unspecified period of 2019.

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