Fortnite Katowice Royale: Players Surprised by a Strange Rule

Fortnite Katowice

As we know by now, many of Fortnite’s best players in the world are in Katowice for a very busy two-day event giving away the notable $500,000 prize pool, split into Solo and Duo events. Among these, we remember, there will also be our Pow3r.

Some professionals, after complaining about the arbitrariness with which Epic Games releases the updates for their battle royale, have been strangled by a small comment in the tournament rules.

This rule, in essence, will not allow them to use the skins they want but, on the contrary, these will be selected randomly by the system. The Swiss player of LeStream Esport, Pierre “Vato” Mesey, was among the first to reveal on Twitter that players will have to play with a random skin. Vato said: ” We have to play with random skins “.

Although the rule may seem a trifle and a simple color note, it could still be useful for the show as it will allow players, not being more recognizable through the skins they usually use, to remain anonymous and not to understand others who have eliminated.

Of course, you can learn all about the event by reading our previous news and following it through the official Twitch channel of Fortnite and DMAX (and Dplay).

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