Resident Evil 2: Developers Reveal Some Abandoned Ideas


The developers of Resident Evil 2 Remake once again gathered to discuss the work of the title, which lasted more than three and a half years. Specifically, in the second episode of Roundtable, they talked about some ideas that were explored during development and then set aside.

One of these was related to the fearsome Mr. X, certainly one of the most appreciated characters in the production. Apparently, in the beginning, the team took into consideration a military look, then put aside in favor of what we now know well.

In the section of the Orphanage, which debuted for the first time with the remake, was inserted a new type of humanoid enemy, called Condemned. He has been described as a ” jump-scare” character, purely horror, who should have blown the players out of his chair in fear. The developers created the model and a set of temporary animations, but they did not go any further. You can see it in the image at the bottom of this news.

In the early stages of development, a concept was developed for a driving section and a scenario that saw players engaged on board a funicular on a mountain. The battle with the G2 should have been more elaborate, while the combat with the alligator involved the use of a mechanical arm. As easily imaginable, the fixed view was taken into consideration, in line with the original chapter, and even the one in the first person, like that of the seventh episode of the saga. As you well know, Capcom finally opted for the third person … the rest, it’s already history. Resident Evil 2 Remake, remember, it is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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