Anthem, Problems on PS4: The Response of Electronic Arts


Anthem, Problems on PS4: The Response of Electronic Arts

Electronic Arts have released a statement following the problems encountered by some users of Anthem on PS4. In recent days, several players have reported that the title sends the console crashes during games, making the hardware unusable. The problem was reported both on Reddit and on EA’s official website, creating a certain confusion among the community.

Apparently, this is not a simple restart of the console following an error, but a complete shutdown of the hardware as if the power supply to the system was lost. “When a crash or game error occurs, sometimes I can access the main menu or the PS4 dashboard, but now twice my PS4 is completely disabled,” wrote a user on Reddit, indicating that at the moment the game creates an abnormal crash of the console. “No other game causes the random deactivation of my PlayStation during playback,” observes another player. “My PS4 has been completely blocked so much that it does not even turn on because of Anthem.

“Everything that has been reported is monitored and the team is working to solve problems as quickly as possible,” Jesse Anderson, community manager at Electronic Arts, initially wrote in response to complaints from the public. “Some problems will be solved faster than others by the hotfix, others will require a client update that takes longer to get ready.” 

Meanwhile, the publisher he intervened on Twitter to take stock of the situation again: “We are aware of the crash problems that some of you have reported to Anthem. We are investigating and we ask you to share your crash information when requested. contact with you to collect information, otherwise please reply to this discussion on AHQ, “writes EA, indicating this address for any report. 

Did you encounter any problems during Anthem games on PS4? Please let us know below in the comments.



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