Friday the 13th: The Game Coming out on Nintendo Switch, Here Is the Launch Period

Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th: The Game, the horror game in the multiplayer basic product by Gun Media, will also arrive on Nintendo Switch: the ‘ out of the game will take place during the spring. 

To deal with the reduction of Friday the 13th: The Game for the hybrid console of the Kyoto house will also be in this case Black Tower Studios. 

Friday the 13: The Game strives to give all players the tools to survive, escape or even try to shoot down the man who can not be killed.

Each gameplay session will give you a totally new opportunity to show you if you have what you need not only to survive but at best the most prolific killer in the history of cinema, a slasher with more kills than any rival! 

Meanwhile, Jason will receive a series of skills to track, hunt and kill his prey. Stalk from the shadows, scare off your targets and kill them when the weather is just as brutal as you can imagine. 

Take control of the legendary killer that is Jason Voorhees and terrify those unlucky enough to cross your path!

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