Steam, Valve At The Center Of The Controversy For The Appearance Of A Game That Allows Rape


Valve is back in the eye of the storm after the appearance in the Steam catalog of Rape Day, a new title that puts the player in the role of a rapist. 

Designed by Desk Plant, Rape Day is a visual novel created using 500 images and over 7000 words; according to the official description it allows to verbally harass, kill and rape women during the course of the story, proposing contents that include “violence, sexual violence, Non-consensual sex, obscene language, necrophilia, and incest”.

Apparently, the game page has been available on Steam for several weeks, with a release date set for April 2019, before being permanently removed from the catalog. 

It seems, in short, that on Valve’s platform it is once again lacking an adequate control system on what is published in the store. Junk titles continue to be there and with them even those that include inadequate and sexually explicit content. 

As early as May of last year, the Bellevue house had asked several developers to remove certain materials from their titles in order to remain on the platform, but apparently, the situation got out of hand again.

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