Days Gone enters the gold phase

Days Gone

The new title of Bend Studio exclusively for PlayStation 4, Days Gone, has just entered the gold phase. The same developers announce it on their Twitter account with a celebration post.

The game enters the gold phase, by now it is complete

For those who do not know, entering gold means having completed the work on the game: even the final touches, and all the testing operations.

Days Gone presented at E3 2016, now it’s finally ready

The Bend zombie survival title introduced at E3 2016. And immediately aroused keen interest in the public due to its open world nature.

Even at a technical level, it seems a good title, able to make the most of the hardware of the PlayStation 4 systems, although now you start to feel the weight of the years.

After a series of postponements, the release of Days Gone expected in just under two months, on April 26th.

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