The Price Of Playstation Classic Continues To Fall In The United States

Playstation Classic

New drop in price for PlayStation Classic in North America. Where many retailers have lowered the cost of the console heavily with the aim of quickly disposing of inventories.

In mid-February PlayStation Classic could be purchased at a price between 50 and 60 dollars, yesterday many chains such as Walmart, Target and Best Buy proposed PlayStation Classic for 39.99 dollars while the B&H group even offered $36.99.

Immediately after Christmas, the price had temporarily cut to 59 dollars/euro. But even this move does not seem to have given the desired results. Unlike the NES Mini and SNES Classic. PlayStation Classic has struggled to find a space in the market, devaluing itself very quickly. Unlike the Nintendo micro-consoles that have quickly sold out (NES Classic in particular) maintaining and increasing their economic value in time.

As for Europe, the Sony console can be purchased at an average price of 59.99 euros.

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