Blood & Truth, PS VR’s Most Entertaining Shooting Game?

If you have a PlayStation VR or are thinking of getting a unit in the near future, Blood & Truth is one of the games you have to keep an eye on. There is a rationale for the expectations that are to be placed in this title. First and foremost, this is a project of Sony’s London Studio, a creative power that has accompanied PlayStation innovations from the beginning, from EyeToy PS2 to more recently the PS4 Wonderbook. It was also this studio that created a long-dormant intellectual property: The Getaway. Blood & Truth is not a direct sequel to this game and does not even have an open world, but it brings up the same theme and the same city: the criminal world of London.

The Pedigree of London Studio is already a reason to be enthusiastic, but we have another reason: the development time. The game announced at Paris Games Week in 2017, so it was already in development before that. Creating a top-of-the-range game for an emerging virtual reality technology takes time, and we’re glad to see that Sony has given the studio the time it takes to make it easy. As the saying goes, quickly and well just who. Until recently, London Studio had only shown a public demo of Blood & Truth, but in a recent event dedicated to PS VR, a demo of a section that we had never seen before emerged.

The demo begins an interrogation, but quickly we are transported, through a flashback of the protagonist, to a war in the middle of the desert. A quick look around us and we see destruction in every direction of the horizon. Smoke pylons rise in the distance, and even above us, jet planes pass from the army to bomb a nearby site. Our mission is to rescue an Allied soldier trapped in a house nearby. The game takes control of the movement, or in other words, it is on rails. For the purpose that the London Studio gave to the game, being a highly cinematic action game with moments worthy of films like Mission Impossible and Die Hard, they had better be that way.

Games with full freedom of movement in virtual reality are still difficult to manage and can have a negative effect on the user, causing unwellness. In Blood & Truth, this does not happen because of the reduced burden. The user does not have to worry about the character’s movement, but you still have other moments of interaction for you to feel involved in the virtual world. The simple act of opening a door requires you to simulate this movement with the PlayStation Move. The same is true of explosive charges for bursting with doors, where you have to fetch the load from the bag, remove it from its resting place, place it in the door and start it.