Nintendo Switch Already Allows To Transfer Saves Between Consoles


The Nintendo Switch received the 8.0.0 update which introduces one of the most desired functionalities.
From today, as soon as you install the latest update, you can transfer saves between different Nintendo Switch consoles.

It’s an incredibly useful feature, especially at a time when rumors are pointing to the arrival of two new models of the Nintendo Switch – a cheaper and exclusively portable and a more powerful version.

This feature will allow you to purchase a new Nintendo Switch and transfer the saves of your games to a new console without the need for a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

Nintendo has also introduced the ability to organize your game library – by game name, publisher, total playing time and last played.

Switch has also been given the ability to prevent the console from waking when you load it, a widening option has been added for greater accessibility and a method to see more items in the news.

Fifteen new avatars were added from Splatoon 2 and Yoshi’s Crafted World.

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About the Author: Khalid Ahmad