PS5 Aimed At 2020


Mark Cerny, an architect of the PlayStation 5, finally spoke about the console and shared the first official information on what to expect from the new generation of Sony.

Cerny, chief of the next PlayStation console, talked about the technology, about their main wishes and confirmed until they started working on the console at the end of 2015.

In an interview with Wired, where he demonstrated the capabilities of the next generation devkit, Cerny did not talk about services, games, price or release date, but suggested that the PlayStation 5 will arrive in 2020.

Cautious not to reveal more than he should or something that may later be changed, Cerny does not confirm a specific release date, but together with Sony representatives, confirms that it will not arrive in 2019, but will not take much longer to arrive.

According to shared by Wired, the PlayStation 5 will not arrive in 2019 but is well advanced, which suggests a launch in 2020, as previously indicated by unofficial sources.

Sony will be absent from E3 2019 and we will not know when it will once again share official information about the next-generation console, but with an ever-more-accurate release for 2020, we will certainly have more news in the second half of this year.

Cerny also spoke about specifications of PlayStation 5, suggested that the game Death Stranding will be cross-gen, confirmed the backward compatibility with the PS4 and even though the new console will be equipped with SSD that drastically reduces the loadings.

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