Nintendo servers could not cope with the arrival of Joker to Super Smash Bros


Joker, the protagonist of Persona 5, finally arrived at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Nintendo’s servers had trouble dealing with the number of players who wanted to meet him.

The first additional character paid for the exclusive Nintendo Switch arrived this morning in mainland Portugal, accompanied by the 3.0 update – something that generated a lot of interest simultaneously.

The number of players who tried to download the update to access Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was so much that the servers failed to meet every request.

The community of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate had to face long periods to try to start the update and even after they succeeded, they had to wait much longer than expected to unload and install.

In addition, some players had difficulty completing the update download and even had to restart it.

As might be expected, the reactions did not take long and suggest complaints and jokes about the situation.

Some players took more than 2 hours to download the update and start Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, which gained new energy with the arrival of Joker.

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