Dragon Ball Z Celebrates 30 Years Today

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of Dragon Ball Z.

Dragon Ball Z, a continuation of the saga of Akira Toriyama who continued the adventures of Son Goku in adulthood, premiered on Fuji TV on April 26, 1989. The animated series featured 291 episodes and would only end on 31 January 1996.

30 years later, Dragon Ball Z continues to be one of the most popular anime in the world. In Portugal, the animated series spent the mornings of SIC and marked the generation that grew in the 90s.

It was the Dragon Ball Z saga that gave us memorable moments like Son Goku’s transformation into Super Saiyan, Frieza, possibly the best villain of Dragon Ball, but more importantly, introduced Vegeta, who became the eternal companion and rival of Son Goku.

A proof of Dragon Ball’s popularity around the world is that the story continues today with Dragon Ball Super, which will receive new episodes later this year. Recently also debuted a new movie in the cinema: Dragon Ball Super Broly?

What was your favorite moment of Dragon Ball Z?