Ninja Reveals His Three Favorite Games Ever

Ninja is one of the most popular names in the world of streamers, having achieved a level of giant success thanks in large part to the phenomenon of Fortnite.

For that reason, the streamer has been featured in several talk shows of great renown: already invited to the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres (where he taught the popular host to play Fortnite) and, more recently, Jimmy Fallon.

In the interview with Jimmy Fallon, the presenter asks an interesting question to Ninja: what are his three favorite games of all time.

Promptly, Ninja begins to answer Final Fantasy XI, adding that he played it for 15 years, practically all of his childhood; Legend of Legaia , which is a game for the PS1 “incredibly undervalued”, whose producer no longer exists; the third game referred to is Halo 2, which Ninja played 7 hours straight after arriving home from class.

In addition to his three favorite games, Ninja and Jimmy Fallon also talk about the streamer’s career, how it has made the most popular esports with the masses and how many people call it Michael Jordan’s gaming.