9.8 Million Accounts Subscribed To Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo has announced that close to 10 million Nintendo Switch accounts include a subscription to the paid online service, giving you access to multiplayer modes, classic NES and the ability to save saves in the cloud.

These 9.8 million accounts subscribed to the NSO do not include free tests but include the family subscription option, which allows up to 8 accounts for a reduced price.

This means that despite 9.8 million accounts registered with an Online subscription, it is hard to say for sure how much money this represents for Nintendo due to this family plan.

In any case, the value is impressive given the number of consoles sold – Nintendo shared yesterday that it has sold more than 34.74 million Nintendo Switch consoles.

You can not forget that the Nintendo Switch Online gives you access to Tetris 99, a kind of battle royale in Tetris form, which has become one of the biggest and most unexpected sensations of the console – more than 2.8 million people have played Tetris 99, revealed to Nintendo.