PS3 Sales Of 87.4 Million Units

Sony has upgraded PS3 sales, its previous home console, and revealed the number of units sold.

According to the company, in its most recent presentation to investors, until March 31, 2017, more than 87.4 million PS3 consoles were sold worldwide.

Launched in Europe in March 2007, the PS3 was a controversial console that generated immense controversy in its time – from the launch price, the phased distribution and the performance against the competition of Xbox 360.

Despite the respectable value of 87.4 million consoles sold, the PS3 is the worst-performing PlayStation home console ever.

However, in reverse, the PS3 is the console of Sony which has sold the largest number of video games, a record that will soon be beaten by PlayStation 4, but that for now belongs to him.

Sony has revealed that more than 1 billion PS3 video games have been sold throughout its life cycle, an impressive figure. This means that on average each PS3 player has purchased at least 11 games.

In the same presentation, Sony announced that it has sold nearly 97 million PS4 consoles, announced a 40 percent increase in subscriptions to PS Now, which has more than 700,000 subscribers and even talked about its future.

According to Sony, the new and long-awaited PS5 will not arrive before March 2020.