The so-called Kohli-Rohit feud needs to be put to rest now


For the past few weeks, social media has been abuzz with talks of this apparent feud between Indian captain Virat Kohli and vice-captain Rohit Sharma. Ever since the World Cup 2019 ended, rumors have been floating consistently with various scenarios being drawn up between India’s two biggest players.

It started with talks of how the Indian team will now have split captaincy for Tests and limited overs cricket with Rohit taking over the ODI and T20I team and Kohli only focusing on the Test side. Apparently, this source stated, that the selectors were unhappy with Kohli’s captaincy in the World Cup and hence wanted to give him a break from leading in the shorter formats.

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Then the meatier and more damning rumors began spreading about this apparent divide in the Indian dressing room which had been split into two camps – the Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma camps. The rumors didn’t stop and it was reported that Kohli felt insecure with Rohit in the team while the latter was not happy with the decisions Kohli makes. It came to a point where various news agencies even involved the respective partners of Kohli and Rohit in the gossip too and stated that the two women had unfollowed each other on Instagram and were taking subtle digs at each other through their social media posts.

Since the rumors refuse to end and have become uglier, captain Kohli has decided to step in and end the matter. In a press conference for India’s tour to the West Indies which begins early next month, Kohli refuted all the claims of any rift between Rohit and him. He called these claims absurd and insisted that he and Rohit have had a wonderful team relationship for years.

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“In my opinion, it’s baffling. It’s absolutely ridiculous to read such stuff, Kohli said in the press conference. “I’ve seen this for too long now, bringing personal lives into the picture. It’s disrespectful beyond a point, honestly. I’ve played the game for 11 years, Rohit has played for 10 years. It’s bizarre that people are creating this stuff on the outside.”

Kohli stressed that the atmosphere inside the dressing room is harmonious under his tenure and the team wouldn’t have attained great heights in the past few years if there were such differences and bitterness between two major players. He felt disturbed that these bizarre allegations are being made and questioned the reason for making these up.

Indeed it is unfortunate that the captain of the national team has to disprove invalidated gossip in the media when he and the team is about to embark on a long and important tour. One has to wonder why these rumors were started in the first place. Was it because of the Indian media’s unquenchable thirst for gossip and TRP all the time? They knew such spicy stories about the two most powerful men in Indian cricket right now would spread like wildfire on social media today and people, who were already upset with India’s semi-final loss against New Zealand, would lap it up without even questioning the veracity of the claims.

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Now that Virat Kohli has had to come forward to and brush these absurd claims off it is time to put these ugly discussions to rest. The India-West Indies series is about to begin and the Indian players would need to be at their best without any unnecessary distractions. Hence, let the focus be on the game and let it do all the talking instead of rumors that can damage the morale of the team.

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