About Us

Traders 350 has assembled a team of unbiased, seasoned investment professionals to pick apart the financial markets’ top stories on a daily basis. Trading decisions based on news developments are nothing new. Whether the market-moving news arrives by boat, carrier pigeon or smartphone, traders have always been eager to be the first to exploit and act on information that may impact a given market.

Our mission is to provide unmatched news and insight on newsworthy and momentum stocks to potential traders looking to execute the best possible public and private capital allocation decisions. At Traders 350 we believe that there are emerging and growing companies across a variety of industry sectors with sizeable hidden value.

Market disruptive discovery and innovation often occurs in small to mid-size companies that are either misunderstood or underrepresented. So we focus on identifying these companies and uncovering their stories before the rest of the market to ensure that you receive the full story – every single day.