Bayonetta 3 Remains Undated Or Forecast

Nintendo updated its release schedule in its latest investor presentation, where it updated the number of Nintendo Switch consoles sold worldwide. As of March 31, 2019, more than 34 million units of…

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Nintendo Will Continue To Extend The Life Of Its Games

Nintendo had already shared their will to extend the life of their releases to the Nintendo Switch, keeping them alive for a longer time with the help of new content….

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Dragon Ball Z Celebrates 30 Years Today

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball Z, a continuation of the saga of Akira Toriyama who continued the adventures of Son Goku in adulthood, premiered…

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PlayStation 4 Already Sold More Than 96.8 Million Units

Sony has announced that the total number of PlayStation 4 consoles shipped to stores is now over 96 million. The company said in its latest financial report that it shipped…

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Nintendo Switch On The Way To China

The Nintendo Switch is about to hit China. The popular hybrid of Nintendo is not yet available in China, but that will change soon. Nintendo has already received approval from…

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Dragon Star Varnir – On The Way To Europe

Idea Factory International has confirmed that Dragon Star Varnir is on its way to the West. It will be on June 11 that you can play this new RPG whose…

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Nintendo Switch To Receive New Model Cheaper, Says Japanese Newspaper

Rumors and speculation around new models of the Nintendo Switch persist, and we now have another source that advances the arrival of a new model cheaper. The Japanese Nikkei newspaper…

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Was Inspired By Metroid And Zelda: Wind Waker

Respawn Entertainment, known by Titanfall and Apex Legends, has finally revealed its new game in the iconic Star Wars universe called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Developed for Electronic Arts…

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PS5 Aimed At 2020

Mark Cerny, an architect of the PlayStation 5, finally spoke about the console and shared the first official information on what to expect from the new generation of Sony. Cerny,…

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New Metal Slug In Development

SNK Corporation has unveiled some news on its upcoming plans, which include a new Metal Slug. Ge Zhihui, president of the company, revealed at a press conference in Korea, via Gematsu, that…

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