Editorial Policy

Traders350.com is a sports website which aims to create, promote, and share accurate and high-quality information in the sports world. We are committed to publish unique and no plagiarism content from both our in-house editorial team and worldwide roster of freelance contributors.

Our group of writers are a bunch of enthusiastic sports who are committed to providing high-quality content including news, analysis, previews, predictions and opinions. Our writers assure that the content is totally unique and no wrong facts have been laid down.

The website, traders350.com, is updated consistently and we continuously deleting stale news from our site. Our readers will find themselves catching up on things that are new, balanced, relevant and accurate before we make it live on our site.

The sports’ contents and opinions obtained from our fans has gone through our editorial and screening process, but in some cases where news, opinions and content found to be incorrect or out of date then we will move the contents to archive and purge them asap. We can use editor’s notes to indicate when this has occurred and this information is usually made available to the public.

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At last, we welcome any comments, questions, or complaints you may have about the contents, sites and editorial policy. Please feel free to contact us any time by sending an email to info@traders350.me and we will get back with you as soon as possible.